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Love is a very strong feeling of affection towards someone whom you are attracted. You say that you love someone when their happiness is very important to you and you start behaving in a very caring way for that particular person. You make him a part of your day and night. Love is the feeling that a person’s happiness is very important to you and the way you show this feeling in your behavior towards them. You want to become the part and parcel of that person’s life. You do all possible efforts and show mere gestures just to get a smile on your lover’s face.

According to Love Astrology, Love is a sort of genuine liking. You can say that you love someone when you consider that is important and you want to protect or support it truly. Love is a strong liking for something. You would always consider your love the most distinguished of all the other bodies on this earth. You enter the heavenly world of strong emotions and gesture of being together always. If you would love to have or do something, you very much want to have it or do it. Love is also an affectionate way of addressing someone. Love is an expression of mind, an emotion of heart and a sound of soul. It wants the two counterparts to be together always and forever. They get connected from hearts and that is the time when they want to get physically united with one another. Love is a notion of words and gestures, of talks and giggles, of fights and secrecy, of being together even in fights.

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When two people can see the glowing charm of feeling in each other’s eyes they are said to be in true love and this feeling of love is overwhelming. When the two people start being together there is always of tendency of friction between both of them. These are big and small disputes which usually erupt after the marriage. We start finding faults in them because we become overprotective and insecure. The feelings are heart and mind are very sensitive and so they can be converted into harshness and violence at the same time. These feeling are natural in form but are to be carefully dealt with so that they further do not result in any kind of major fights. Patience and giving space are the best solutions. At times we start being over possessive toward our partner. This is the time when fights, screams and howls take place. Once theses disturbances start they go on and on and then it is very difficult to keep the relation intact. Love is replaced by hatred and the ultimate result is separation.

Marriage is a silken tie of love and esteems that two persons usually unrelated by blood. It is the oldest way of getting a man and woman together to live life in a society and have the closest ever relations with each other, bound only by love and confidence which has no limits and cannot be broken unless there is a loss of mutual trust and understanding. It is a common belief that marriages are settled in heaven and as such a matter of chance which settles is here and brings two souls together in an eternal knot. Such strong has been the belief in the sanctity of the institution that even gods and goddesses in heaven are believed to be tied in a knot of marriage. It is a priceless possession of a man or a woman to have a life partner of his or her own choice corresponding to their mutual aspirations.

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LOVE-can’t be defined, can’t be explained, can’t be measured, can’t be tamed, it can’t be bought or forced; it’s an emotion that grow and nourish in heart.

True love can’t be searched with magical lamps but now-a-days, a new study called love astrology says that love can be found in stars. Some mere spells and charms can be very useful to make anyone win his/her love.  We all are dealing with many problems in our daily life. Some of these problems can have many disastrous effects if not taken care of immediately.

Some Problems may even lead to the end of your relationship. People are always in search for effective methods so that they can lead a peaceful and happy love life. The number of people believe in astrology and love spells, you can also try these powerful spells, may be this is the end of your search. It is mentioned in astrology that there are remedies and love spells that can help you to win hearts of husband and boyfriend.

May be they are effective, may be those compatibility horoscopes are true but for a stable a relationship, firstly, we should get to know the root cause of its disturbances. Problems in a relationship can happen because of several reasons such as doubt, jealousy, presence of negative energy, problems because of lack of adequate communication, professional, financial condition etc. And to deal with these problems you need astrological solutions.

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    Women are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are wonderful and love giving. Their love is unconditional and forever. They have a very strong sense of forgiveness. Once they forgive, they forget. Women have an amazing quality. They hear the boys for hours but still don’t pass any judgments. They never say you are wrong even after you have behaved like the worst jerk in the world. They even criticize without wounding. The most adorable thing about a woman is her blush.  It speaks volumes and conveys things which even she won’t openly admit it. The blush of a woman shows more than care, she is crazy about you. And a girl’s smile is something to dig into. She never pretends. She always smiles from her heart. When she is happy she smiles and thus this reflects the happiness experienced by her heart. At times we love a woman when she loses her cool. When she loses her temper, she gets all fluttered, says all sort of things she doesn’t mean, is a bit harsh and then ends up in tears. She is not actually angry. Her emotions reflect only care, concern, worry and possessiveness.

    One is often amazed at the silence of a woman. She has an excellent sense of tolerance. She can bear it all yet keep up a smile on her face. She even manages to love that jerk who does it all to her. The ‘do-good’ attitude is an undeniable part of every woman. She is always out to attract boy by love spells.  She will give you sermons on all your vices and tell you to become a better person and later on she will be badly hurt if you don’t want to change. One may think her attitude as that of a sadist but the most beautiful and irresistible thing in a woman is that little drop of tear which is invited at all kinds of events be it happy or sad.  This drop of tear is guaranteed to break down the hardest of resistances and melt the stoniest hearts. The sensuality combined with nurturing, the naughtiness combined with caring, the vivacity coupled with quiet attitude and understanding. And this is guidance for as to why do men fall for woman and what all spells of her trait attract the men. Their heart may beat for one another but their way of expression would be just opposite. They may share a common happiness but their ways to take pain would differ. They would probably love one another but are unable to express it.

    Shastri Ji will be a refugee to all these problems. He will cater to each of them with proper attention. He will try to solve each of their mysteries with calmness and composure. He’ll never let you down and always be with you. He will teach you spells to make men fall in love; attraction spells to make a male love you.

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    The results from these spells may vary from person to person, and the results also depends upon the way you perform it.

    Attraction Spells to make female fall in love

    It may look to be a difficult or a very cumbersome task but the reality is this that ASTROLOGER R. K. NARAYAN manages all this with his years of experience and his true devotion towards his work and profession. There may be some odd times when any of the problems is totally out of control but Shastri Ji is calm and compost in his approach. He unfolds the toughest of miseries slowly and steadily and then reaches a final conclusion which is a relief for the pain sufferers. Thus he does not only bring the two hearts together temporarily but urges them to be together permanently with their souls connected. He imbibes in us the spirit of eternal love. He guides the boys in a very fair direction so that they can win the heart of a girl through love spells. He teaches them all attraction spells that can make female fall in love. Physical love is not the only thing. For girls the first and the foremost thing is emotions. She looks for a guy who will never give up on her, will always be there by her time in the toughest of situation and hold her hand in miseries and wipe her tears in sorrow. This is a picture of a true gentle man in the eyes of a girl. The guy may not be very handsome or good looking but if he has the above mentioned qualities in him then truly he is a thief of a girl’s hand and the girl too feels secure with him and then she surrenders herself totally to him. These are the few tips that Shastri Ji will give you to bring peace in your love life and make merry even in hard times.

    Shastri Ji is an eminent soul amongst us who is there to cater to all our love related woes and attraction spells to attract women. This is how is work is interesting and at the same time seems to be a bit melodramatic. Shastri Ji will always come to our rescue whenever we are in pain or agony. At times love related issues cannot be shared with elders or friends and so we hide them in ourselves thus demoralizing or own spirit and then when we get someone like Shastri Ji with whom we can share everything we feel totally distressed. In a similar manner Shastri Ji comes to the rescue of females as well. He guides them in order to fairly attract the males in a genuine manner. Girls only need to be tender and soft. Their approach towards the boy should be serene and simple. They should not be demanding at all .If a girl has a casual approach then the boy finds her non serious and thus becomes least interested in her. The love and feelings of a girl should reflect in the shyness of her face, the gentleness of her touch and in the innocence of her speech. Her shyness is not due to fear but due to her feminine serenity. Her charm is reflected when she is truly in love with someone. Girls do not generally make an outward confession about their feeling of love; they rather keep it in their hearts and indeed wait for the boy to confess it out first. This is a natural trait of most of the girls. Boys are usually easy going with a casual approach towards love and life. Some may love truly but not be able to express it out. This is a cause of many relationship fights. Shastri Jii will help in rectifying such incidents in love so that the relation of a true loving boy and girl sails swiftly. Usually in a relation, the girl is considered to be a weaker and a more sentimental counterpart. It is mainly because she takes little thinks to heart and attaches her emotions to them. This trait of her may be difficult for men to understand. They may misinterpret her as attention seeker or even a bit adamant but actually it is a girl who knows what kind of sorrows and pains she is going through. She needs to be handled with utmost care. It is a most prized possession for girls to be pampered like a princess. Her dream boy is the one who never lets a single drop fall from her eye thus does everything to maintain a sweet smile on her face. On the other hand boys are generally rough and tough. Some may even be sentimental but usually they do not express the pain in their heart through tears or sadness. They rather take up to aggression. They may have a true gesture of love but are unable to correctly express it. This could be mainly due to their problem of ego.


    The results from these spells may vary from person to person, and the results also depends upon the way you perform it.

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