These are two closely related things. The only difference is that one of them is dependent on the other and the other is independent. Spells are independent, they don’t care whether people use them or spell casters cast them. But for people they are dependent on spells. When we talk about people we mean clients and spells casters. The spell casters depends on their spell to work so that their reputation is good and they have clients and they can be proud that their spell casting is real and people are getting real help out there. As for clients, they depend on spells to work for them in order for their problems to get resolved.

Now, there is another relationship, the relationship between the spell caster and clients. Both these people depend on each other. The spell caster depends on clients for his spell casting to be in action and for people to know about him and so on. Clients also depend on the spell caster to cast them real spells for their problems to get sorted out. But sometimes you get to find out that none of these three performs the duty. But you cannot blame spells because they are non-living so they know nothing about performing their duty. The spell caster and the client are the one expected to perform their duty.

Now, when one of them does this, the whole process of spell casting is affected. For instance is the spell caster cannot cast spells that work for people out there, the people will start thinking that spell casting is not real or helpful. And if the spell caster cannot give the correct instructions on how to use the certain spell, then the spell will not work which means that spell casting is not real. If the client cannot follow the instructions and uses the spell incorrectly, then the purpose of spell casting will not be served. If the client takes a spell and goes and cast it correctly and the spell does work for him/her but he/she doesn’t send a testimonial then spell casting is affected because people will not know that there is the real spell caster in UK and the spell caster will not know whether his/her spells really work.

Now, which spells should be cast for or by people out there? The love, money ad protection spells are the spells that are commonly cast. For love spells there is the lost lover love spell, the marriage love spell, the attraction love spell, the love spell to banish the past lover, the cheaters love spell, the break up love spell, the divorce love spells and others. For money spells there are job spells, the tender spell, the lottery money spell, the business money spell and others. For protection spells, there is the return spell, the home protection spell, the spiritual protection spell, the property protection spell and others. Cast them from the best spells caster today.



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