Love Potion

Who among us is not searching for love, or has not agonized over love unrequited? Familiar with the old Rock and Roll song “Love Potion Number 9”? Think of the language we use to describe romance. She was “bewitching”, “enchanting”, she “put a spell on me”. The idea of a “love potion” or love spell is not so far fetched. In fact science has recently proven what Shamans, mystics and other practitioners of magic and the occult arts have known for centuries. That there are powerful herbs and substances that can and do influence “the laws of attraction.” In medicine and psychology these materials have names like oxytocin and pheromones, in magic they are called, love spells, love charms, rituals and incantations. But what ever you call them, they can be used to bring your deepest desires.

But how can a love spell performed by a magician or psychic, or use of a purchased love charm, really attract your true love, or improve an existing relationship? Those who scoff at the effects of any magic will undoubtedly shout “coincidence”. Or give the usual “mind over matter” explanation. The person’s confidence improved because of their belief in the “spell” so their love life improved accordingly. But those who believe in the metaphysical realm, magic, and psychic powers, think otherwise - that there must be a spiritual or paranormal helping hand in play.

All “mainstream” religions accept the power of prayer to deliver good fortune, improve health and wealth. Belief in the paranormal world, magic, spells, charms and other things metaphysical while still sneered at by many, does not carry the stigma it once had. Across the globe there has been a many fold increase in belief in the occult in so-called “modern cultures”. Look around your office or your neighbors, and there are probably people right next to you who use love or money spells on a regular basis in an attempt to improve their relationships or gain financial freedom. Ever look at someone and say, “Wow, he leads a charmed life” Well, chances are you may be absolutely right!

The rise in belief and use of love spells and magic charms crosses all socioeconomic lines and religions. People from all walks or life, professions, and income levels, have admitted to using a magic ritual or magic charms or magic spells. Or at the very least expressed belief that magic spells do exist and can work.

Anyone who has used a love spell or wealth spell and achieved their “Happily Ever After” will tell you that these spells do work, their lives have been blessed for their use, and if you do not believe, you are missing out at your chance at bliss.

Types of Love Spells

First of all, all practitioners of magic and the occult make the distinction between Love Spells and Sex Magic. Though related the two have very different specific goals. There are magical potions, spells and occult rituals designed to improve, enhance and otherwise maximize the sexual experience. Such as Tantric Sex whose goal is to bring the sexual act to a level where one connects with the All Mighty. Love spells on the other hand are designed to make one person fall in, or out of, love with another. Love spells are as varied as love itself. Their are love spells that are attracting spells, binding love spells, breaking love spells, and the list goes on and on. Love spells use ritual, powders, crystals, stones, and other types of psychic jewelry in their casting.

Types of Money Spells

Wealth spells and magic charms, amulets, or money talismans are found in all cultures where money has value and is used as the medium of economic exchange. Psychic practitioners say that after love spells and spells to protect from psychic attack, wealth spells designed to attract money, improve business success, and bring prosperity, are the most often sought after by their clientele.

Charms figure predominately into magic that can bring wealth. Think the idea of carrying a magical charm to bring luck or wealth is hogwash? What about the ubiquitous “rabbits foot” so ingrained in American Culture that it is a souvenir or “knick-knack” sold to children in vending machines right next to bubble gum and stickers. But did you know that the Rabbits Foot is actually a powerful totemic wealth charm that comes from the Voodoo tradition of African Slaves?

Other animal totems and natural artifacts have traditionally been worn or carried in a magic or mojo bag to bring wealth and money, these include:

  • Alligator Teeth
  • Alligator claws and feet
  • Buckeye nuts infused with quicksilver (mercury)
  • John the Conquer Roots



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