DNA love spells

DNA Love Spells For Perfect Love

500,000 years ago the human race was a highly evoked civilization, unfortunately various disputes led to mankind undergoing a DNA rearrangement to keep us under control - we originally had 12 stranded DNA molecules which has since been reduced to 2 - the double helix.

Due to the fire in the Great Royal Library of Alexandria, parchments and knowledge on the advanced beings that once populated our earth before us has been lost forever.

All human beings have 2 DNA strands, the double helix, our genetic code containing our blueprint: physical and mental health cells. Scientists will tell you very little of our DNA has a function and 98% is known as ‘DNA junk’ or non coded DNA with no function, only scientists are wrong, it is unactivated DNA, and eventually evolution will allow us all to use 100% of our DNA.

My DNA Love Spells activate 12 strands of DNA within your astral body, along with your lover’s astral body - for perfect love!

These powerful love spells will correct any troubles you may be experiencing and make certain you and your lover have the most perfect bond ever, and know what each other is thinking even while you are apart. Your thoughts and feelings for each other will only ever be positive and true.

The DNA strands which will be activated for perfect love are:

  • Heart - for love.
  • Solar Plexus - is the central point of your physical body for all the nerves.
  • Throat - communication with the external world.
  • Sacral - gut feeling.
  • Brow/3rd Eye - psychic.
  • Crown - spiritual concepts.
  • Root - grounded.
  • Alpha - unmanifested possibilities.
  • Omega - the final process of the physical creation, completion.
  • Angelic – all that is, has been, and will be possible.
  • Terra - the third dimension in which we live, or earth. This is the only place where creation can take physical form.
  • Divine - grace of god.

12 love spells will be cast over 12 consecutive nights

person to person, and the results also depends upon the way you perform it.


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